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Land Use

Land use issues can be contentious and require litigation. But more often, they can be resolved through an understanding of how decisions are made at the local government level. Through our experience working for local governments, and our representation of numerous private sector clients during re-zoning, subdivision, annexation, and other entitlement proceedings, we have learned to anticipate and address a panoply of land use issues. We can help your project keep moving by providing effective legal counsel to protect your property rights and achieve your development objectives. If litigation is required to protect your interests, we have the necessary experience to cost-effectively bring your case to judicial resolution.

Sullivan Green Seavy also serves as special counsel to a wide range of municipalities and counties in Colorado dealing with complex land development projects, annexation, the drafting of land use policies and codes, and regulation of land use impacts caused by oil and gas, mining, and water development projects. We also provide training to planning commissions and elected bodies on how to avoid common mistakes that lead to costly litigation.

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